About Us



WinerySale International is intent on becoming an industry leader in providing agency, brokerage and intermediary advisory services in Mergers and Acquisitions to wineries, vineyards, wine importers, wine distributors and related businesses not only in the USA, but internationally. Our principals are conversant in English, Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Hungarian. WinerySale has offices in Seattle and Portland, Napa Valley and New York, Rio de Janeiro, Bordeaux and Tokaj.

WinerySale International principals have for over 30 years, successfully represented companies in a variety of industries. Their ratio for successfully closing transactions has been consistently high due to their outstanding resources and the skill of the experienced principals, with extensive previous business ownership experience.

WinerySale was formed by two senior successful Mergers and Acquisitions professionals to focus their considerable skills and resources on an area they both have a true passion for… the growing wine industry. They have lived in, visited and have connections in wine regions around the world…Bordeaux, Burgundy, Provence, Alsace, Rhine – Mosel, Tokaj (Hungary), Spain, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and Chile, not to mention CA, OR, WA, NY and Texas.

​They tasted wine and sold businesses. Their network and skills are now at your fingertips. They want to help you succeed in getting the best deal in selling or investing in a business and/or property in this exiting industry.

Owners either start or purchase wineries for a variety of reasons. It is a rare entrepreneur who goes into the business with the express purpose of selling it. If one did, every decision would be guided by the goal of preparing the business for sale. For an ongoing winery however, other considerations take priority: brand development and positioning, seemingly never ending investment in producing quality fruit and (hopefully superb, award winning) wines, increasing revenue by tasting room sales and/or building distribution networks. All of these, while vital to the winery business’s success, are invariably not consistent with maximizing its sale value. Profitability is. But in the pleasurable business of winemaking, profits often have to take the backseat to prestige, making and enjoying exceptional wine and providing good entertainment for the tasting public.

Selling a winery, vineyard (or any other business) pre​sents a set of specific challenges. Experience shows us that each company and industry presents a unique set of circumstances, problems and opportunities. The objective evaluation of the business from an investor’s perspective (not the starry eyed owners’), finding the best buyer and constructively negotiating a sale agreement, ( and sometimes while maintaining strict confidentiality,) as well as running the business; are more difficult than can be imagined. WinerySale Intl.’s objective is to assist with this process. Without the help of knowledgeable, capable and dedicated professionals it can be a truly trying experience.