Marché Operating Principles

WinerySale does not charge for advertising on this site. Unlike most pay-as-you-advertise sites we have no Standard or Premium categories. We do not charge for first page or second page position, or ask for any money for advertising. It is FREE.

If you wish us to provide any services, for example translation to other languages, we can do that for a cost probably less than you can have it done yourself. We have the resources and connections. We may be able to help you with writing advertising material. You will know what we charge and we assure you, we are not going to charge you high prices or high handling fees. That is not how we intend to make money.

How do you plan to make money then, you may ask?

Obviously, we are not a nonprofit organization. Our formula is unique and we believe, better than others’. It is based on decades of investment banking, mergers and acquisitions experience. We are in the process of establishing a network of independent professional specialists, affiliates, best-in-class brokers, people with experience in selling wineries and vineyards. We will be referring incoming inquiries to them. We are already getting many inquiries from Owners of wineries and vineyards, who are interested in selling their businesses and properties – people looking for competent representation. On a contractual basis we will get referral fees from our Affiliated Brokers when they sell businesses / properties we refer to them. A good referral is worth a lot and we are asking for well below market referral fees.

​So what are the next steps, you may ask? – If you are interested learning more, and in possibly becoming one of our affiliates, we are happy to talk to you about it. There is no upfront cost, but we must qualify our affiliates. We don’t want to disappoint the Clients we refer to them. I’m sure you can appreciate our commitment to customer and client satisfaction.We intend to have affiliates in over a dozen countries as well as in additional wine-regions to whom we will refer incoming inquiries. We are interested in talking to Agents knowledgeable in the winery/vineyard business. Our criteria for the quality of our associates is high. Our reputation depends on it. Please review the additional terms in this document below, and reach out to us with any questions.


This is our legal and binding promise to you that we will NEVER interfere with your contracts and clients. We shall not reveal any non-public information you may intentionally or by accident reveal to us. Our aim is to assist our CLIENT’s, that’ is YOU, not to cause any hardship or difficulty.