November 13, 2017

Hilltop Vineyard Winery in the Veneto

Hilltop Vineyard Winery in the Veneto

Veneto hilltop vineyard & winery between Venice and Verona


Property enjoys excellent hilltop position with 1000 sqm of buildings, including large 500 sqm farmhouse, 3kw of solar panels, 140 sqm meter garage and loft, , 280 sqm beautiful, recently built tasting room/ barrel aging cellar, tractor ports and tavern building with pizza oven. 8 hectares of property, of which 4 hectares are vineyards ( older planting, EC grants are available for vineyard renewal). In the heart of northern Italy, 45 min. from Verona, 1 hr from Venice, in the Vicenza hills. 300 HL of wine storage, stainless steel and fiberglass tankage, 40 oak barrels, 2 tractors, plus various, winemaking and field equipment attachments.

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Price: interesting price

Area/Property Size: 8 hectares (20 acres)

Planted Area: 4 hectares (10 acres)


Location of Winery/Vineyard:


AVA/Region: Veneto

Contact: Alan Bruzzo