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We provide consulting for winery and vineyard buyers and investors and have a sophisticated, in-depth understanding of investing in the winery industry.

Investing in wineries and/or vineyards is a hazardous undertaking. If you go with your heart – or your taste buds you may end up losing your investment and more.

If you value the business on the quality of wine they make, you are not a good business person. But traditional style valuation based on profitability-only of wineries most of the time will not match the price desired by the Sellers, or even the value warranted by the assets. The winery business is capital intensive in different ways from other business types. Good wine takes time in the barrel. Time equates to large inventory. For vineyards; big production volume per acre will result in wine not fit for drinking.

Buyers of wineries often are daunted by the relatively low ROI (Return on Investment) in this business. To read more about valuation of wineries go to our Valuation page.

If you require consultation, advice we are available. We have experience to assist investors and advised buyers before. We are also talking with investors, who are interested in forming a group to buy wineries. They are looking for more partners.

If you are interested in sensible investing in wineries and vineyards and need assistance please Contact us.



We provide advertising for brokers, brokerages and Owners who are looking to sell their wineries or vineyards. We don’t charge for advertising space. Translation for foreign languages, assistance with marketing materials is charged at very reasonable rates. We have translators in all nine languages who deliver fast and accurate translations. We claim no copyright to any translation, so you may reuse them at any site anytime you wish.

We also have several decades of Mergers and Acquisitions, Real Estate Brokerage, Investment Banking and other consultative and advising experience. We have multiple international partners, and are able and willing to refer you to the right person in multiple foreign markets.



We have regional representatives who network with Specialists that we refer to potential Sellers and Buyers. We carefully screen these to ensure that the prospective Sellers and Buyers get the best service: experience and honest representation.

There are specialists in every field. It may not be a good idea to have a winery represented by a home real estate specialist, or a vineyard by a business broker. In the unique field of wineries and vineyards, finding buyers can be difficult. Advertising for free on will increase your chances of finding buyers.

We do not provide representation/agency services outside of our area (West Coast of the USA), but will be glad to recommend to you the best representative in the region. We screen, select and qualify the best agency to contact if you are looking to sell a winery business or vineyards anywhere in the World.