Bring history back to life! Expert vintner willing to mentor know-how to newcomer…

This Estate & Basalt Vaulted Cellar was Established in 1828

The building has historical value; it was originally owned by the Bezeredi Family and one of the first estate/cellars to be built on the 5 million year old (Somlo) mountain.

The cellar is the property of ‘A Szolo Lelke Kft’, (The Soul of the Vine LLC.) The LLC company could be purchased in addition to the shown price.

For the past two decades, the cellar has been rented to Somlo’s most famous vintner: Imre Gyorgykovacs.

.  . .  .

Property Size: 1520 m2 (1318)

  There are no vineyards on the property

Price:  $ 31,500


Location of Winery/Vineyard:

Hrsz: 1661/2

Somlovasarhely – (Veszprem County), Hungary


Gabriella Verbovszky
Phone Number: +36302106115