Now available, nestled in Oregon’s Willamette Valley,     lies  the

home of an established and reputable wine brand with a  current

annual 50,000 case production capacity. Founded 26 years ago,

this   sale   includes   a   fully   equipped   winery, hand-tendered

vineyard, luxurious tasting room and large custom home with

bed-and-breakfast potential.  The success of the brand is  based

upon consistent, intensely flavorful, superior quality wines, which

are marketed at competitive price points.   Varietals and    wines

include:   Pinot   Noir,   Pinot   Gris,   Pinot   Blanc, Chardonnay,

Riesling and Gewurztraminer.

The 33-acres Estate Vineyard is uniquely situated due to multiple

factors that were considered at  original  purchase. These ideal

characteristics include the significant influence of the maritime air

mass, which maintains optimal, cooler temperatures (relevant

especially in light of temperature increases noted in recent years)

thus allowing for longer fruit hang-time  and,  in  turn, development

of  the  brand’s signature intense flavor profiles. The vines are

planted to a true magnetic north therefore maximizing sun exposure,

at the 45th parallel, and  at  ideal  elevation.  In addition, formal soil

evaluation has confirmed   well-drained   sedimentary soils with

high mineral content.

The Estate Vineyard is L.I.V.E.  Certified (the highest

sustainable  grape-growing  standard in the Pacific Northwest),

and has a pending sub-AVA designation. Also, there is potential

for a 20-acre expansion of the vineyard.

.   .

Est. 2017 Revenue:


Est. 2017 Recast EBITDA: $594,000


Property Size: 87 acres

Planted Area: 33 acres

Location of Winery/Vineyard:

Willamette Valley, Oregon

AVA/Region: Willamette Valley


Tom Feher

Phone Number: 425-761-9026