Developed, well equipped enterprise for wine and spirits with own vineyards .  .  .


This development, a concierge office, a wooden building designed and equipped and an own reservoir with a water capacity of 100 000 liters. The wine bottling line is with capacity – 2000 bottles/hour. Producer: Index 6, Italian license. The alcoholic beverages bottling line is with capacity 1000 bottles / hour, and the Bag-in-Box machine is 1000 litres / hour.
The company was established in March 1994. The enterprise is situated on an area of 13,9 decares in the country of Bulgaria. Vineyards are 87 decares. (1 decare=1000 square meters)
Buildings and facilities are a production building with an area of 900 sqm, a two-story building with total floorage of 2400 sqm, an wine cellar – a newly built warehouse with total floorage of 800 sqm, a site for initial fermentation – with an area of 850 sqmq, a separate section dedicated to the Wine tourism
The company sells its products both on domestic and international markets. Nearly 70% of the production is intended for exportation.
Currently the company exports its products to the following countries: Russia, Israel, Lebanon, Poland, Greece, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Nigeria, Romania and China.
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Price: 2,800,000 €

Enterprise area: 13,9 decares.

Vineyards area: 87 decares.

Location of Winery/Vineyard:

Country: Bulgaria

AVA/Region: Bulgaria


Elisaveta Stoyanova

Phone Number: 00359893964450