Historic Winery for Sale in Mendoza, Argentina

Winery’s history: It has been founded in 1914 by the Wine maker Family Escoriguela Gazcón in Mendoza, Argentina. It was designed and built by the famous architect  Veneciano Fittipaldi, who has a wide knowledge on Wineries, dedicating special attention to location and distribution of the areas, perfectly defined according to their use.

The roof’s truss still keep printed their origin (Made in France), sheeting of Zinc, gutters and loads Apolo branded (Made in USA) also, a big part of the plaster stucco by fire under the Venetian technique.

The area of the bascule is protected by siding with Oregon pine trusses in perfect shape and in front of it, there’s a patio with free space of 1.000 m2  of cobbled floor. Its foundation columns are imported from England by the time of the Railway construction.

This is one of the few antique establishments with history in perfect shape and ready to use that keeps its beauty and takes part of history of the Wine in Mendoza, Argentina.

– Surface: 1 hectare., 2570 meters.

– 3 Houses Chalet Style:

  1.   4 Bedrooms, Kitchen, Pantry, 3 Bathrooms, Dining Room, Laundry and Basement.
  2.  Apartment with 1 Kitchen, 2 Bedrooms, Bathroom and Restroom, Patio.
  3.  3 Bedrooms, Kitchen and Dining Room.

– Sheds:

  1. About 1.000 m2 of sheds of different capacities and uses.
  2. 2 barns of around 400 meters.

– Capacity: 6.200.000 Liters

San Martín Mendoza

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