Ukiah Valley Hobby Vineyard & Artisanal Winery – Mill Creek Road Located in the heart of sunny Ukiah Valley, this 5 acre property comes equipped with the necessary infrastructure for one to begin their winemaking journey or simply live a peaceful wine country life.
As you venture onto the property you’ll notice it’s lined with olive trees, walnut trees and fruit trees. The old world style of dry farmed, head trained Zinfandel, Petit Sirah and *Nero d’Avola vines (3 acres) will appeal the purist winemaker and viticulturist wishing to hand craft wine from vine to bottle. From the country wrap around porch enter the Maybeck inspired 3 bedroom/3 bathroom home and you’ll quickly realize the 1,700 sq. ft. of living space makes this wine hobbyists’ abode inviting and irresistible to friends and family. The open floor plan, large Italian farmhouse style interior kitchen and indoor/outdoor access to the gardens makes entertaining guests for sunset dinners and wine tasting a must. The two pizza ovens afford pizza and porchetta meals for events or a quiet outdoor meal for 10 under the pergola.
If you find yourself in need of robust flavor, make your way to the 900 sq. ft. bonded wine cellar for a glass of wine. This concrete cellar with 10’ ceilings is perfect for crafting your own wine, storing case goods, and hosting delicious wine tastings. Or perhaps you’d prefer to invite a group of friends to taste wine under the arches of the guest building architecturally inspired by the San Francisco Art Institute.
After seeing this winery, home and vineyard there’s no doubt that this versatile property is the quintessence of the wine country lifestyle.
*(an Italian varietal of which there are very few acres planted in the U.S. This winery was the first in the US to petition to have Nero d’Avola and Negroamaro on a wine label and because of this the winemaker was named in the Top 100 Most Influential U.S. Winemakers)
The owner’s description of how and why he built the house and winery the way it’s sited on the lot: My plan was to build a house with a cellar and plant a vineyard on the abandoned walnut orchard that I bought in 1988. The ground was ripped three feet deep 18 inches apart in both directions before planting the vineyard. The first variety was Zinfandel in the old style – dry farmed, head trained and cross-cultivated. I budded over Zinfandel to Nero d’Avola in 2005 and made my first wine from it in 2006. I was the first in the US to petition to have it on a wine label, and the wine has won many awards.
Knowing that I wanted a cellar, I placed the house at the highest point of the property for good drainage. The design of the house is inspired by Bernard Maybeck and the California craftsman style of architecture. Because of this I chose shingle siding, porches and an exposed wood built up roof. The inside, inspired by my Italian heritage, is an Italian style farmhouse with tile floors and Venetian veneer plaster over 5/8″ dry wall. I chose 10 foot ceilings to increase the spaciousness of the house and designed and built the 8′ tall exterior doors. I chose to use select structural dry framing lumber which is one of the best quality framing materials you can get. The plumbing is all cast iron drains and the supply lines are type L copper, the thickest walled copper pipe. French drains are all around the retaining walls and cellar. Since I wanted more of an outdoor living space for family and winery events I created the pergola and double pizza oven and choose concrete and brick for both design and permanence.
I built the guest building in 1998 and then used it first as as a shop and later for case goods storage. The design is inspired by the San Francisco Art Institute, with visible board concrete forming and tile roof. I stripped the forms and washed the surface of the newly poured concrete in the same day so that the surface would look older. I used the form lumber for rafters and roof sheathing. The building is 1400 ft sq feet with drain lines set up for a bathroom and kitchen sink and hydronic tubing in the floors. I also designed arches to add another outdoor space.
I also have planted rosemary, apple, olive, peach, mulberry, figs, plums, pears.
Zoned AG 40
3/2 1728 sf Maybeck Inspired Home
900 sf basement with a full bath, drainage and water, bonded for a winery
Country Kitchen
Great Views from every window
Country Porch
Municipal Rogina Water company
Septic – 5 bedrooms
1 & 3/4 acre Zinfandel – St. George rootstock- planted year 1991
1 acre of Nero d’Avola – 1103P rootstock- planted yr 1998
1/3 acre of Petite Sirah – 1103P rootstock -planted yr 1998
Soil type is Pinole gravelly loam, a well-draining alluvium derived from sedimentary rock.
The vineyard is dry farmed, head-trained, staked with redwood stakes and tied with willow.

Price: $1,050.000


Location of Winery/Vineyard:
Address: 2651 Mill Creek Road
Ukiah, California
Wine Country Modern Real Estate