Own a Piece of the Old World

1.5 acre vineyard in Peloponnese Greece, located in a picturesque village near Kalavrita.

Unified linear vineyards that have planting dense from east to west. These particular plants are the most appropriate for our calcareous soil, which is the main factor that produces quality grapes.

Cabernet Sauvignon is the Dominant variety, harvested in full maturity in late September for red and rosé wine, while the internationally acclaimed Chardonnay gives amazing results in white wine making.

Plants from tissue culture are free from diseases and viruses, with 2.50 m line spacing between them in royat shape and large germinal wall, that is 2.00 m high and 0.70 m wide. The vineyards’ soil is slightly sloping, sandy clay, organically rich (former pasture), calcareous, with balanced ingredients and minerals.

The region has 800m altitude. It is a valley with dense vegetation, open to the Corinthian sea breeze, while surrounded by mountains and protected from hot summer winds. The maximum temperature seldom reaches 26 °C in the summer. The cool microclimate contributes to the slow maturation of the grapes, which is necessary to develop a rich bouquet of the variety’s aromas.

Price: 100.000 EUR

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