Great opportunity to acquire a modern winery in Georgia, The Birthplace of Wine and Winemaking! . . .

Winery “Akhalsheni” is located in Eastern Georgia not far from Georgia’s capital city Tbilisi. The winery produces wine and brandy.

The winery’s infrastructure fully complies with international standards.


Total size of the land on which winery is located – 47 acres (19 hectares).

Total size of the winery’s buildings – 194 000 sq.f (18 000 sq.m)


There are 14 buildings on the winery’s territory, including:

Administrative building with laboratory, Main manufacture building, wine tasting and leisure building, grape reception building, 2 wine storage buildings, powerhouse, security building, wheat fermentation building, alcohol distillation building, refrigeration building and workshop. Also there is a garden/park located on 2 hectares of the winery’s territory with a pool.


All production cycle takes place in the winery, from wine processing to bottling.

Winery is located near the highway, which is a huge advantage for wine distribution. Nearest railway station “Ksani” is in 8 miles from the winery.


Winery owns modern full cycle wine production equipment such as:

“Della Toffola” wine processing equipment, «Gai» wine bottling equipment (1800 bottles per hour) and «Fimer» for brandy bottling (2000 bottles per hour), alcohol distillation equipment (2000 liters per day of brandy alcohol), water softening equipment (5000 liters per day of brandy alcohol), refrigeration units “Della Toffola” and «Velo», storage tanks for raw materials (1 500 000 liters) and for wine and spirits storage (1 000 000 liters).


At this moment additional 450 acres (180 hectares) of land with cultivated vineyards of “Rkatsiteli”, “Chinuri”, “Tavkveri” and “Pino” sorts are in government possession after the end of lease agreement in 2012. This land can be acquired again with winery’s priority right to rent.

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Price: $7,000,000

Area/Property Size: Land – 47 acres (19 hectares),

Buildings – 194 000 sq.f (18 000 sq.m)

Planted Area: 450 acres (180 hectares)

Location of Winery/Vineyard:

Village Okami

City: Kaspi

State/Prov.: Kaspi district

AVA/Region: Shida Kartli

Contact: Lee Churgulia